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Child Minding.

Enjoy your workout in peace while your kids have fun in our clean and tidy play room.
We are staffed five days a week and all our child minders are part of the blue card system.



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Are you ready to invest in your future?
WGBrisbane partner with @theaipt as a Student Selected mentor where we guide you through your face to face practical hours of your Certificate III/Certificate IV in Fitness
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>< The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a generic term we use to describe a place of haven and security. In this creation, ultimately little can hurt us such as raw emotions and fear. Stepping outside this bubble usually feels overwhelming and scary. Although it may seem daunting, many times in humanity we have characterized self-accomplishment in its greatest form by stepping outside our personal comfort zones. We kinda know about this but still we seek validation from peers, to yet again feel comfortable enough to try things which is absurd and defeats true growth.

Rather than looking at the scenario as a whole or over exemplifying everything. Break it down and simplify. We tend to intensify the situation thinking about the deep end when it's more than ok to paddle the waters edge. Every possible situation can be conquered with a suitable step-by-step approach. Move along with baby steps, watch your comfortable bubble get larger as you learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Having someone pushing you is great but always have your own put on the pedal, otherwise reliancey on others to conquer your fears will be your normality.

Be prepared to reach a cosmic place of self-fulfillment as you use these situations to build your character from inner strength deep within. Handling stress becomes second nature, and you will even appreciate how a diamond came to be. Many wonder why the universe hasn't guided them to succession. These moments, tests of uncertainty, fear; are all preparation for your future. Courage is a ticket to show the universe that your ready and strength is your battle scars. Remember its okay, to be afraid over and over again. Its what makes us human. But also being human is what enables us capacity to conquer fear and grow


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No pain no gains 🔥😜 •

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HOW NOT TO LAT PULL 🤦🏻‍♀️💀🏋🏻‍♀️ BACK at it again (get it? Back…) with some of the most common back day mistakes! #sorryforthedadjokes but your form & technique is the KEY to getting results!

Are you guilty of doing any of these?? 🙊 ❌ The ‘TWIST’ pulling the bar too far down, rotating the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Those poor rotator cuffs! 😩
❌ The ‘BORED AF’ is just a hunched over sloppy mess - rounding the spine, pulling the bar too far down with zero mind-muscle connection!
❌ The ‘LEANER 2.0’ (lats version) TIP: try less ego & less weight and you might actually work the back 🤷🏻‍♀️
❌ The ‘DADDY YANKEE 2.0’ (lats version) just swinging that weight for ZERO gains 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ❌ The ‘TRAP QUEEN’ aka The Half-Rep-Reverse-Shrug’… not sure what the heck is going on here, but it sure ain’t any lat activation.

Correct form at the end of the video:
✔️Chest up, shoulder down, core engaged
✔️Keep the bar close & pull it down towards your collarbones
✔️Full range of motion! Bar should touch the top of your chest
✔️Lead from the elbows and put your mind on your lats
✔️Slow & controlled on the way back up!

Lift safe ladies! 💜

What other exercise do you struggle with? Let me know in the comments below & I’ll film it next!

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Being reminded of that time I did a photoshoot, it was a lot of fun

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When I exercise my lower body, I focus on firmly.

Whenever I exercise every day, I exercise with tears inside.

I always know where I come from, what I want, family, running a gym, running an international school, success, competition, the person who carries me, the person who support me, the people who are jealous of me.

So, every time I exercise, I do emotions and exercise with tears. The punishment of my body building in short amount time I will continue on it.

Thanks to everyone who cheering of me.

Huge thanks to all my sponsors
Fitness equipment by @fitness_southside

@beautyrockfusion World Gym Brisbane manager,

My coach mike_waddington - PNBA Bodybuilder

17th October I will be on INBA Master Fitness Model contest,

My fitness journey continue on after competition to another 32 weeks. @dundee_boxing_fitness @fit_education_aus @dundees_fiteducation #fitness #pain #hardwork #challenge

We are back!
* Bookings are essential!
* Book at reception only
* On the hour every hour
* 1 person per booking
* During staffed hours only

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Training can put you so many emotions, high, low to not vibing...

But the if you are #loyal to the training and the nutritional grind it will reward you 🙏🏼

If you ain’t 🤷🏼‍♂️ well you’ll always be asking the question why you are not achieving your goals.

If you need help Hit me with a DM

Getting #summer #ready #cutting

❗LAST CHANCE ❗🙌 SUPPORT OUR CLUB ENTRANTS! ✅ 🎯 Voting closes 11:59pm, 2nd October.⁠
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So if you know someone who has entered this year, NOW is the time to show your support; OR if you simply want help support our local entrants NOW IS THE TIME TO GET VOTING! Your vote could make all the difference so don't delay.⁠
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